A universal RFID solution.
With tagMonkey, businesses can now move away from slow and inconvenient inventory tracking to an RFID cloud-based solution.

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How does it work?

RFID tags attach to any item you want to track.
A fixed reader or a smartphone-based RFID reader scans your items, then automatically syncs your data.
View your data in a simple dashboard or send it to other inventory services.

What can it do for me?

Hand counts are slow and inaccurate. With an RFID scanner on your phone, inventory tracking can be quick and easy.
With item-level tracking, see where every item has been.
Discover patterns unseen from manual inventory with our analytic dashboard.

How do I get started?

Import your inventory from QuickBooks, Square, or a spreadsheet.
Get a scanner and tags from us or one of our partners.
Start scanning with our mobile app, get your results in our dashboard!
Create a free account in 2 minutes!
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