Securely manage your event and enhance audience experience with RFID
Access Control
  • Securely seal your event and entirely eliminate fraud.
  • Cut staffing costs by reducing the number of stewards needed.
  • Reducing queueing timesportals validate 2,000 RFID devices/hour.
  • Run unlimited VIP or sponsor areas or production access.
Staff Management
  • Respond and direct manpower faster in an emergency or as needed.
  • Real-time monitor event & security staff with active RFID system.
  • Setup time restrictions on staff passes to prevent abuse of passes outside of working hours.
Cashless Payments
  • Reduce accounting time.
  • Fast transaction times means shorter lines and more purchasing.
  • Lost or stolen chips can be deactivated and reprinted in minutes.
Audience Profiling
  • Track attendees behavior, preferences, and purchasing.
  • Refine your promotion and marketing campaigns.
Brand Activation
  • Digital connection between brand partners and audience members on site
  • "WOW" factor for eventgoers
  • Analytics allow brand activity to be measured
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