Q: What does tagMonkey do?

TagMonkey helps you wirelessly track your inventories, files, assets, and event attendees. Knowing where these are and where they go prevents losses and provides valuable data metrics about your business. We have one software that connects to any RFID hardware and can be modified for use in multiple industries.

Q: What is RFID?

RFID, or Radio Frequency IDentification, is a system of technologies that allows an object or person to be wirelessly identified, via radio waves. The technology usually involves a "tag" placed on the person or object to be tracked and a "reader" that will tell you where that tag is.

Q: What are RFID tags?

RFID tags come in two forms: passive and active. Passive tags are small, inexpensive, and disposable. They can be implanted in a sticker and placed on just about anything. The chip is then charged remotely by a “reader”. Active tags have their own batteries and can communicate information continuously with a longer read range, but are bigger and more expensive.

Q: What are RFID readers?

RFID readers also come in two forms: fixed and handheld. Both have “antennas” that transmit radio signals which then interact with the tags, telling them exactly where they are. Fixed readers can be placed on doors, ceilings, or floors to automatically track your stuff. Handheld readers can be used to search a room for the presence of the specific tag you are looking for.

Q: What are RFID antennas?

RFID antennas are what send the frequencies that power and communicate with the tags. They have about a 30 ft range and can be placed in a handheld reader or around your space.

Q: Which equipment does tagMonkey work with?

We work with virtually any RFID hardware and if we aren’t familiar with the hardware you want to use, we will try to develop a software for you.

Q: How can I control my RFID system?

Our goal is to make this software easy and comfortable to use. You can access your tracking system from the web panel anywhere in the world and on multiple devices: iphone, tablets, even from your smartwatch!

Q: Why has RFID been so expensive and complicated in the past?

Many RFID software companies are “proprietary”--meaning they only work with certain hardware. TagMonkey is hardware neutral which means you can pick the equipment that fits your budget! We have an inclusive software that allows us to quickly customize a product to fit your unique needs. Without having to reinvent a new product for every use case we can drive down costs associated with development and the new bugs and issues that come with it.

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