The tagMonkey inventory plugin uses the rest of the tagMonkey platform. You can access advanced queries, data exports, and a custom dashboard to keep you informed about all of the items in your store. Get started today!
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Import Your Inventory

Instantly pull records directly from your POS system into tagMonkey to start collecting data.

Item-level Tracking

Figure out exactly when and where your inventory went missing to track it down and plan for the future.

Variance Handling

See variances from your inventory provider and tagMonkey directly in your dashboard and easily resolve them in both apps.

Powerful Exports

Get details spreadsheets of all of your items to track in Excel.

tagMonkey inventory makes it simple to switch your existing inventory system over to RFID. Getting started with a free account is as simple as:

Link your Inventory Service

Pair your Square or QuickBooks account with tagMonkey and we will automatically create inventory records for you.

Start Scanning

Tag your items and start scanning your inventory with our mobile app and an RFID reader!

Manage Your Results

Get results from our system in a dashboard. Handle variances however you normally do.

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